a sad day


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yesterday we had to put down my beloveded pitty timex, she was 17years old, but we only had her for 15years, she had a hard life before we got her, with half her ears in a little snap lock bag to go with her, then in old age she got cancer but still loved lying down belly up in the sun all day long,
but its a good thing she has passed she was getting sicker and could no longer live a happy life she loved with us


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My dearest apologies. A friend of mine has a 5 year old Pit with fast progressing cancer who may go any day now. Timex lived quite a long life, and you gave her the kind of life that no one else could. She was lucky to have you, and you to have her. In these times, remember to dwell on all your fond memories. The loss of our furry loved ones is an incredibly painful one, but one that you share with almost everyone here. Most if not all of us have been there.

God bless you, and my most sincere apologies for the passing of dear Timex. She was a cutie. :)


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My heart aches for you. What a lucky boy he has been all these long years since he found you.


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My condolences to you and your family. The good thing is she got to live out the rest of her life with people that loved her.


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thanks for the kind words, im kinda happy shes gone now cause she had two years battling cancer, even tough pitbulls 'cant feel pain' im sure she was getting tired of battling, and she was going further down hill, but trust timex to go out by herself, when she was ready not by us making the decision for her, within that week we were going to do the deed as she didnt want to get up and she was leaving some food on her plate, so she was ready and she didnt have to wait for my parents to be ready, so im happy shes past to a better place, its just unfortuante that she wont be round to help me train my dogs, she was good like that she'd do some training of her own doggy kind to teach pups how to behave and also how to play nicely


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You know I lost a dog too, and not too long ago. His name was Dancer. I miss my puppy too T_T he was 8 if I recall. its been a long time T_T
I'm really sorry too, Its just like Marley and me. A really sad movie, but don't ever forget your beloved doggie after all, you'll see it again across the "Rainbow Bridge"