A Little Ott?? - Leaf's Visit To Her Vets!

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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    I've been very fortunate in that all my dogs and horses have always loved their vets. Afraid I cannot say the same about my cats. But I do think Leaf really is the I Love My Vet champion of champions.

    We had to take her for her annual injections last night, but before taking her in I needed to speak to my vets about Zeus (didn't want Leaf to see me cry, his ashes were there don't handle that too well), so I left her in the car for a very short time. She wasn't alone, my partner was there, and anyway she's good if left alone in the car for a short time.

    I know she loves the vets but.....I sure wasn't expecting her reaction when I got her out of the car.

    We had parked at the back of the vets, and on getting Leafy out of the car, which she did with dignity, she must have realized "Hey I'm gonna See Aunty Kyle and all my lovely friends" because she too off big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She literally ran flat out, with me hanging on grimly being dragged at warp speed round the corner (almost collided with the side of the building) up the ramp and once there she proceeded to bounce from one paw to another in excitement whilst I attempted to open the door. As we'd come up the ramp on the side of the glass door which opens towards me, this was a tad tricky and we already had an audience, the nurses were in stitches watching Leaf 'dance' outside.

    I did finally manage to open the door a crack whereupon Ms. Leaf FLEW into the vets - no way I could hold her I had become a seriously endangered species, well my arm was, along with my face! Glass doors arms and faces all squashed up - not a good thing at all.

    Not content with making the "Grand Entrance" Leaf did two very fast zoomies around the reception area and then plonked her furry butt firmly in front of Felicity and Elizabeth (who by this time had come from behind the reception desk doubled up with laughter) and gave them the "I'm such a very good girly, please may I have a treat (or two or three)" "I just LOVE you all so much".

    Needless to say she got her treats, many treats, from the "Treats For Good Dogs" bowl on the counter.

    Kyle, our Vet, missed Leaf's entrance but she too was given the same "Pretty Please, I WUV You May I have a treat" treatment when she appeared and of course Leaf got even more treats.

    Have to say she was an excellent little girl in the consulting room. I barely needed to hold her, even when Kyle got very personal with her rear end, she just stood there with a slight pained expression "Really what a Diva has to put up with to stay in top form" look on her face. And yes, even more treats.

    Now, the girls were stock taking and had boxes of all manner of yummy goodies on the floor - behind the reception counter I may add! And, I cannot be too sure about this, Ms. Leaf may have done a little bit of shop lifting because while I was talking to the girls, Elizabeth suddenly started making gestures for me to look down. Oh I should add here, Ms. Leaf is such a favorite she's allowed to go behind the counter, a privileged granted to only the best behaved dogs. Depending on who or what is happening she has a pretty 'free reign' at her vets - they trust her - maybe misplaced this time?

    On looking down I was horrified to see that Ms. Leaf was very quietly lying down and daintily chewing on the biggest Pig's Ear I've ever seen. As I said, whether she um 'mis appropriated it' or was given it I've yet to discover because all the girls would say where comments such as "We didn't want that one anyway" "One less to count" etc. etc. between gales of laughter.

    After her Grand Entrance, to think I may own a shop lifter was a little disconcerting but it would appear that Leaf was not at all embarrassed, she very politely cleaned up every single morsel of the pig's ear and when I said we'd better go, politely waved to everyone, including a cat who'd just come into the reception area and made a rather more dignified exit than she did entrance. Only looking back with longing as we walked - not ran - out of the vets, around the corner and into the car.

    As I said, all my animals (excepting my cats) seem to love their vets, but I've NEVER had one run to get inside or do zoomies of sheer joy in the reception area. And I've never had a suspected thief either - though the jury is out on that one!:rolleyes::oops::confused:
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  2. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Hahaha, that's hilarious! What a silly girl she is! I wish Chloe loved the vets that much! She acts like she loves them when she first comes in (probably thinking that she may be able to sway them into not doing anything to her) but once they start off the appointment by taking her temperature, she realizes that despite her sweetness, they are going to do all those unpleasant things to her. At that point she speedily leaps up on the bench that I'm sitting on, and wedges herself behind me, trying to hide. She then peaks her head out from behind me, looking around to make sure they don't know where she is, and wagging her tail, certainly pleased with the great hiding spot she chose. As we all laugh, I stand up and move away from the bench, receiving a glare from Chloe for ruining her perfect hiding spot. Needless to say the vets get a kick out of this every time we go there (because this happens every single time :p)! Now that her hiding spot is blown, she picks up the method of laying on her back on the ground and squirming so that no one can mange to pick her up (and of course so they can sneak in a belly rub if they would like ;)). Lets just say, the majority of Chloe's vet appointments don't take place on the table where she is supposed to be, they take place with Chloe squirming on the ground. Which makes the appointments difficult for the vets, but hey, at least they get a good laugh! :D
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Sounds like Miss Leaf enjoyed her vet visit a lot.It's great that she likes it so you don't have to fight with her trying to convince her that the vet isn't evil.
    I've never taken Missy to the vet just a low cost vaccination clinic at a shelter, she didn't like it at all because we were surrounded by dogs. Piper on the other hand loves any place were she gets attention.
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Chloe sounds priceless!!!!!!!!! Really, those vets should be wooed by such a sweet charming young lady - just shows Chloe charm doesn't always work.:D

    How could you blow her 'cover'!!!!!!!!:eek: LOL must be so funny to see her hiding behind you, then the glare when you move. Dogs are just too funny at times.

    Of course, squirm on the floor if you get belly rubs. A belly rub of two makes the treatment so much easier to bear.

    Good thing your vets, like mine, have a grand sense of humor. And at least she just squirms, I bet they wish some of their clients just squirmed on the floor, instead of getting a little more tempremental.
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    She sure did enjoy her visit.

    I can understand Missy getting a little upset, Shelters no matter how good they are, are not easy places for a dog to visit. Too many unhappy, stressed dogs around and a dog like Missy, who's sensitive by nature, would really pick up on that. But she's only got to 'face it' once a year, which is a good thing.

    Piper sounds like she enjoys all those dogs around her. Good thing you have one dog who doesn't mind visiting a vet/clinic.
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  6. running_dog Honored Member

    I wish Zac and Gus liked trips to the vet even just a tiny bit :(
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Don't they even like the vets just a teensy weeny little bit - all those lovely treats and pats surely they like those?:(;):confused:
  8. running_dog Honored Member

    They won't eat treats at the vets :(
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    OMD!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is serious!:eek: Needs Leafy to have a word in their shell like ears!:D
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  10. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Silly Leaf, thanks for the smile! :) She must be so fun to be with.
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL oh yes, Leafy is such a fun dog. She really does have a fantastic out look on life, everything is fun, everything makes her happy, she just LOVES life and enjoys herself to the max!!!!!!!!!:D
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  12. southerngirl Honored Member

    I think Leaf and Piper would get along great because it sounds like they are a lot a like.
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    That's grand that Piper has the same attitude on life:D I bet the pair would have a total blast if they could meet for a play date:LOL: It's just great having such a fun dog isn't it!

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