A Little Agility


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So, here's a short agility video of us. :msnblushing:
It's so hard to find that tunnel sometimes! :msngiggle::msngiggle:


Enjoy. :)


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Pami has lovely, confident weaves and looks to really enjoy agility...Well Done! :dogsmile:


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Thank you!
It's not a real slalom yet, I teach her with channel-method, so it takes some time, and we didn't close the channel yet. :)
But it looks like the weave is her favorite part of agility. :D


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LOL what if I jump the tunnel? Cute.

Looks like you two are doing well and really enjoying yourselves. :)


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Pami's sooo fast in the weaves... very nice work she's so adorable and obc having so much fun.


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great work, shes loving it,

and i have to agree that a great weave (wish storm was that happy about the weave)