A Good Day For Zeke


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A little mini-breakthrough for Zekers.
Monday was bath day for the dogs. Z has always, always, always hated baths. It's something we've been working on for a looooong time, and he is constantly improving. He usually cries the entire time, like a little puppy whimper. Poor thing. :rolleyes: Well, he cried less this time, and then actually was completely content with the dryer! He even rolled over several times(voluntarily) so I could dry his tummy!!!! :eek: He took it like a champ and sat still for the whole thing. Then he had to have some cuddling, lol, such a lover.
Then I had to clip his nails. He's always been wonderful for this, never had a problem with it. But, he is very very very dependent on Mudflap, and I didn't realize how much until I tried to clip his nails. Mud was being jealous, tossing toys at me and generally being a pest. She was hyper, and so clipping Z's nails was not going to happen. He wouldn't have it, he was squirming and stressed and all kinds of unhappy. STUPID me, I didn't see why until I had gotten frustrated cause I couldn't understand why my sweet boy was all of a sudden being a pill. So we took a break, and when I finally opened my eyes and realized Mud was the problem, I put her in a down stay just a foot away from us. (Calming signal, plus everyone is chilled out so Zeke can be chilled out.)
Z was perfect. Got his nails done just like normal with no fighting.

Such a sensitive dog. :love: Every time he takes a new experience(or an old one) better I am super excited and proud of him. ^^ Yay Zeke!