A cool video check it out


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This movie in a nutshell is the name. We do know much any thing.

This is a free download if you got Utorrent and that also free to download


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Interesting...this sounds like all the stuff I eat up on podcasts like Skepticality, Paracast, Dead Science, and some of the quantum physics junk I like. Give me a good conspiracy theory and I'll be interested but probably decide these people need jobs because they don't have enough to do. :doglaugh: There was a great one on this topic about reality determination and causal physics (determining reality). I think Einstein dabbled in it...results aren't determined until they happen so therefore reality is an evolving wave.

And I don't even drink. :msngiggle:

If a dog barks in the woods would we hear it?

I couldn't get ur last link to work... Have you been reading about string theory speaking of parallel logic?


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I make it a rule in life to never download anything or visit a site link that isn't at least described first. So far, it's kept me virus and trojan free. So what is it?

I'm guessing, by the response from Snooks, that it isn't dog-related. If that's the case, don't worry, I probably won't be visiting anyway. (Er, not that I have a one-track mind, you understand...) :)


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I also didn't click to enter but if you wait a video will play. My virus antennae are pretty sensitive too so I don't click to enter sites as a rule. I used to do IT work a long time ago and I too remain disaster free by being careful (knock on wood). Esp since yesterday was April 1 which is a fav of the virus launching world. It looks like an upcoming movie.


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More good stuff for you Snooks

Zeitgeist - The Movie

Acharya - The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold (1999)

The Corruption Of Christianity

Noam Chomsky - Anarchism, Co-operation Without Restraint ( he done lots more work)

William Cooper - Behold A Pale Horse Lecture On Tape
William Cooper - Proves Alex Jones Is CIA Disinformation
William Cooper Live On 911 - Stating There Will Be A Act Passed Which Would Take Away Our Rights
William Cooper JFK Assassin Unmasked ( he is very good but now dead most likely killed by the people he work for the CIA)

Mike Ruppert - Crossing the Rubicon ( he sick and said to be dieing)

The War on Democracy 2007

Weapons of Mass Deception (WMD)

The Manchurian Candidate (2004) ( one in 1962 )

A Beautiful Mind

Who Murdered Nikola Tesla and Why [ConspiracyResearch.org]

Joseph Campbell Mythology and the Individual

Derren Brown

The REAL President Barack Obama

Conspiracy Theory the movie and another that good is Conspiracy the movie about a American soldier that come back from Iraq to many thing in this are real.

When I did work in the State I was a building engineer meaning I had to know what was in my building what makes it stand. I also know what makes it fall and how. Ask me if I believe that a plane was a explosive device to the WTC One and Two and WTC Seven in the same way with out a PLANE WHY AND HOW?????????
I know the how and can see the why what a price we paid. You may like George Carlin for some of more colorful word but listen to what he said not just hear it I know he insult woman to some point look past that you hear some thing else.

I got all this on Utorrent and more lots of good stuff out there need help get Utorrent or how to use let me know.
I am use Avast for Ant-virus it works great and it's free to I all over the net with no worry because of avast! - Download antivirus software for spyware and virus protection it's the best or I lucky. Send me a message if you need to.


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Thanks Tazman--there's some stuff on here new to me that I'll enjoy digging around. I've been amazed at so many of the theories around conspiracies and the REAL reasons behind them. This feeds my addiction. :dogtongue2: I find it quite interesting to discuss with people that haven't heard much of it. There's a lot of material out there-which tho often is clearly false, makes me wonder about some which has unexplained science supporting it.

I love that much of this stuff is on Podcasts now and I can listen in the car and not be confind to just reading about it at home. I grew up listening to Art Bell -- though he's one of the more eccentric conspiracy advocates. His discussion of Roswell and the surrounding "witnesses" of similar like Betty and Barney Hill was interesting. The WTC theories blow me away.