A Border Collie Named Sparkie :)

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Shanell Brown, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Sparkie is GREAT!!!!:D Can't wait to see the next video!!!
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  3. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    yay :D
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WONDERFUL WORK, wow, so well done, KUDOS! YAY!!! Love it!
    I also loved it is short video, lol, as i can read forevvver, but i have trouble watching too long of a video, rofl!:ROFLMAO:

    btw, i am soooo jealous your dog WILL play frisbee!!!!
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  5. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    aww thanks and u shouldn't be jelious done ur dog play frisbee :)
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    nope, i've had this dog for years now, he hates frisbee.:rolleyes:

    we love playing frisbee, so we have tried evvvvvverything to get Buddy to like frisbees, even feeding him out of frisbees, putting peanut butter on frisbees, etc etc.
    He will chase frisbees that have peanut butter on them!!:D
    however, he will not bring them to us, he just sits there and licks the peanut butter off of the frisbee.:cautious:

    He will fetch, (three times only---and he won't chase balls or frisbees, ONLY squeak toys only)
    and will not fetch frisbees at all, not ever,
    unless i trick him,:ROFLMAO:
    by having him chase a pizza-cardboard circle (those pieces of round carboard that are under pizzas) and then, trick buddy to chase a real frisbee.........one time.
    this only works for one (1) time----
    then, when buddy realizes, "HEY--WAIT A MINUTE---this is not a pizza circle, this is one of those darn frisbees!":mad: he quits chasing the frisbee...

    it's a lot of work to get my dog to chase a frisbee....bummer. Buddy wont' chase a frisbee for liver or steak or anything...nope.
    Buddy does, however, enjoy chasing other dogs who chase frisbees!!:ROFLMAO:

    If i throw a frisbee or ball for my dog, who ONLY fetches squeak toys only,
    my dog looks at me like this, as if to say, " you are still throwing frisbees for me? Are you NOT getting the message, mom? you KNEW i was NOT a retriever, right? you did notice this about me, right?":ROFLMAO:

    dog won't chase frisbees....or balls either...
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    yeah, my yard is a pretty weird site,
    two humans playing frisbee,
    and a border collie that just watches US playing frisbee.....:rolleyes::LOL::ROFLMAO:
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  8. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    get squeaky frisbees :D
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  9. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    try and make the frisbee interesting by sliding it on the ground :) and make it look fun
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  10. DaniG Well-Known Member

    Tigerlily, have you tried attaching a squeaky toy to the frisbee? Then you could trick him to bringing the frisbee back since it will be attached to the squeaky toy (And, of course, you will probably get a "Really guys, THIS is what we're going with?" expression coming from him :ROFLMAO:) (Also, then this may only work with said squeaky toy/frisbee contraption)
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"get squeaky frisbees :D"//


    //"Tigerlily, have you tried attaching a squeaky toy to the frisbee?"//


    i hope it works out better than what Buddy did for peanut butter on a frisbee....:LOL:
    i hope Buddy WILL return the frisbee to me, and not just rip off the squeak toy and play with the squeak toy.:rolleyes:

    and yeah, i have tried making the frisbee interesting by shaking it on ground, tyring to make him chase it, i've tried pulling it on a string,
    i even tried not allowing it in his toy box, so he sees it as "new" or "special".
    I have bought many types of frisbees,trying to find one he like, and he does prefer the rubbery type, better than the hard plastic kind. I do think, at some point, he maybe hurt his tooth on a hard frisbee, and maybe that is why he doesn't like frisbees. Buddy will never ever try to catch a frisbee,

    but he will catch squeak toys.

    he hates balls, too. Buddy has no idea why any dog would ever ever chase a ball, ever.:rolleyes:
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  12. Dogster Honored Member

    There are lots of soft, squeaky frisbees:

    And there are rubber ones too, this one's from JW


    They're not the same as frisbees, but they can get Buddy to like frisbees.:D
  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    i've got the top one, got a few various copies of it, but, it didn't work,
    but, that bottom one, i've never seen THAT one, :eek: worth a try!! THANKS!!
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  14. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    try it :) and there are tutorials on how to teach a dog that on youtube
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  15. harrontrueman New Member

    Then you could technique him to providing the frisbee throwing returning since it will be connected to the squeaky toy.
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  16. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    okay ill try that :)
  17. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    OMG!!! I want that JW squeaky frisbee for Kodi. :D He'd love it. He actually loves all frisbees, but only if they're the rubber kind.:rolleyes:
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  18. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Shanell Brown, Sparkie is AMAZING!!!!! :love: You know we love your channel and dogs. :)
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  19. Shanell Brown Well-Known Member

    and we love yours :)
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