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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by barfer101, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. barfer101 New Member


    I joined this forum about a year ago but just never got around to posting. I am currently a slave to two wonderful dogs, Midnite and Hannah.

    Midnite is my old lady at 13 years old. She was my first dog and is my heart dog. We've had many miles together on the trail and now she is just enjoying being a senior.

    Hannah is my spaz at 1.5 years old. She is trying to fill Midnite's hiking paws. We are currently in an obedience class and hope to one day do agility.

    As for me, my name is Roxann. I enjoy hiking with my dogs and trail riding on horseback.


  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Roxann! It is great to see you write your introduction, better late than never! :dogwink: Midnite is a nice name for a dog, it is the first time I heard it. Agility is fun, you should definitely give it a try, you won't regret it! :D
  3. barfer101 New Member

    Thanks Jean!

    Most people tell me how original I am for naming my black lab Midnight. So I gave it some pizazz and spelled it differently. :dogbiggrin:

    I can't wait to start agility with Hannah. It will be awhile before we will be allowed any real equipment. So for now we play at home with my makeshift obstacles.
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yeah jumps are very easy and cheap to make. Just make sure that you build jumps so that the bar can fall over if the dog accidentally hits the bar. For example, if you use plastic tubing from Home Depot, just cut the bar supporters in half as to make a u and then rest the bar on the u.

    ... or you can always buy cheap agility kits from eBay or the pet store. ;)

    Hope this makes sense. :)
  5. barfer101 New Member

    Thanks for the advice! I've been thinking about getting one of those agility kits.
  6. parlance Well-Known Member

    For my jumps practice I simply balance a garden stake on top of a pair of empty plant pots. (I stack up a the pots for higher jumps, or use bigger pots.)

    If Penny misses, the garden stakes just fall down.

    We had our first ever try with a flyball club yesterday, and Penny was great at the jumps. So my funny old home-made jumps do work.

    Flyball is wonderful!

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