A big hello from Rudy and me!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by luvmysheltie, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. luvmysheltie New Member

    Hi there! My name is Laurie and I have a 14 month old Sheltie named Rudy. We love doing all sorts of fun things together. We have done some agility training, some rally O and of course tricks! I'm fortunate to be able to bring him to work with me so you will seldom find one of us without the other! We are from Pennsylvania. I chose to get a Sheltie after dog sitting one for a friend. I didn't want to give her back when it was time for her to go home and decided to give the breed a try! I was looking for a dog with high energy and intelligence and Rudy sure doesn't disappoint me! We are thinking of putting together a freestyle routine!

  2. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA! I hope you like it here, I know I sure do! There are many others here that do agility, just for fun or competition. Which do you do? This is a great place to find tricks that are fun to teach, fun to learn, and OF COURSE, fun to show off! :-)
  3. luvmysheltie New Member

    So far we've only done agility for fun. We did do an exhabition at the Bloomsburg Fair. Which was a lot of fun. Rudy also has two legs of his novice Rally O title. I love your Collie. Rudy is sable and white too. I got a new camera for Christmas and am anxious to start making some videos of his training.
  4. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    That sounds like lots of fun! Thank you, her name is Jewel. We practice a little agility at home on some hand made obstacles. Sable and White is my favorite color of Collie/Sheltie. I am not familiar with Rally O. What is it? I am sure Rudy will do wonderfully if you do compete him in agility! It sounds like he has talent!
  5. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    Hello Laurie,

    I haven't been on this website for quite awhile due to breeding one of my shelties and training my other two. I noticed you mentioned considering freestyle and I want to encourage you to try it. Maggie & I just had our 1st competition and she qualified on both performances and earned her Beginners A title. It's ALOT of fun.
  6. hannahhusky New Member

    A sheltie was my first dog! Unfortunately, he passed away when I was about 13. But he was such a delight, and absolutely brilliant. :) Good luck with your further training!

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