3 weeks


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Only 3 more weeks till my puppy gets here!
I don't think I've ever been so excited for something! I just love getting updates and pictures from my hubby's mom. Loki is such a cutie! And he is living up to his name now. :msngiggle: He figured out how to get out of the puppy pen they were keeping him in. And hell try to pester his uncle and bite him, luckily uncle Turtle is teaching that he doesn't like that.
Hes also learning to walk well from uncle Turtle, Loki and his sister Tigger will follow Turtle, who walks very nicely with hubby's mom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps this up! (my parents aussie was a PERFECT walker when we got him at 10 months old, he was supposed to be a show dog but his back legs slightly bow in so he was forced to retire, but back to the point, he is a big puller now :dogtongue2: so I know I'm gunna have to keep up training)

I'm just so so so excited to get to start playing with him. And to take him to my parents to meet Titan and to my aunts to meet her two border collies, aussie, and other dog!

We also found out hes more boxer then we originally thought. Silly hubby didnt know that his dog and the puppy dad are actually 3/4 boxer and 1/4 german shepherd. So Loki is like 5/6 boxer or something. :dogsmile:

Hubby is also taking two weeks leave when Loki comes which will be great because I start school at the end of this month and will be gone for a few hours a day.


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Ahhh the suspense for pictures is killing me. U must post some of little Loki when you get a chance.

The biggest key to not pulling on leash is to get ur puppy used to seeing different things and animals, trees, dogs, cars, everything. When he looks back to you give him a treat. Teach look at me at home before you go out. I use a clicker for this because it works better for me but u can use a voice cue. If your dog gets excited catch it at level 2 not level 10. Stop and get him to sit with some treats and get his attention back treat treat treat say Look at Me gooood treat or c/t. If you stop the excitement sooner it's much easier to manage. Once they get to 10 and are above threshold they really DON'T hear you so even yelling doesn't work.

Relax and don't transmit tension down the leash. When you see another dog if you tense up and pull on the leash or start wrapping it round your wrist you telegraph anxiety to the dog that might otherwise be unperturbed. Pulling the leash usually excites a dog. Remember what they do to bloodhounds to work them up on the scent? They hold them back on harnesses until they are so excited they explode when released. Pulling backward usually just makes more pulling.

Instead do a 180 degree turn and walk the other way, when puppy quiets you can turn back, if he reacts turn again and to away from whatever is so exciting. It's hard to pull and put up a fit if you're going the opposite direction. If you have a training bag of yummy chicken and mark and treat when puppy is beside you he'll figure out where the sweet spot is pretty quick. Luring is okay for a very short time, maybe 20 minutes, do don't do it after that or it really doesn't work. You want ur dog thinking, not just nosing food. If he loses interest in the lure you lured too long and the payoff wasn't worth the wait. Up the reward frequency.

The one big breakthrough I had with my power house is the 2 step click treat. I take two steps, click treat, two steps click treat etc. This makes puppy think fast b/c you offer the treat where the puppy should be (by your side) if he's not there you go on and no treat. He has to think fast and keep up and pretty soon you have a pup that is really concentrating and not getting bored by long walk then a treat.

I do an example with my puppy when I first put the leash on her of two step. I learned it from my Karen Pryor Clicker trainer. :dogtongue2: Start with low distractins in the house, progress to different parts of the house, back yard, front yard, drive. Then a bit down the street.

See also calming ovals for really hyped up dogs. Video - Calming Ovals

She has a nice off and leave it too on that site. Gentle Touch Pet Training# All positive. Got the link from Jackienmutts. Great trainer.



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Thanks snooks!!! you have such great advise!!! I really hope that he will stay walking well on a leash, but I know better then that. :msngiggle: Better to teach him what I want then to just expect him to keep it up.

I will definitely post tons of pictures when I get him!!!
And videos when I get him started with some tricks. :dogsmile: