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Teaching Your Pet To Perform A Dog Trick – The Owner As A Part Of The Training Equation

Written: June 1, 2013

While each dog has its own unique personality, its breed plays an integral part, with some being more headstrong compared to others that are more eager to please their masters. Nonetheless, every dog is trainable, [...]

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Teaching An Older Pet Dog Tricks

Written: June 1, 2013

The Englishman John Fitzherbert is credited for first putting into print the popular saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” in his book “The Boke of Husbandry,” published in 1534. In the book, [...]

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Becoming A Better Pet Owner With The Help Of A Reliable Dog Forum

Written: June 1, 2013

For most pet owners, dogs are not merely a token addition to their household. Some people consider them family members, showering them with love, attention and affection similar to those given to children. And as [...]

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New Camera for Dog Photography and Video

Written: April 29, 2013

Hi Jean, It was over 10 years ago since I laws owned a really nice camera. Back then, everything was still on 35mm films and I remember I had to bring the films to the [...]

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Getting Back Into Training Recalls

Written: March 10, 2013

So, I’ve decided to dedicate the next 8 weeks of training to fine-tuning the recalls with my two dogs. And I will be sharing some of my experiences, stories and challenges with you through this [...]

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The Coolest 3D Illusion Dog Ever Created

Written: March 8, 2013

Learn about the story behind the world’s coolest illusion dog – how it was created … and why!

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3 Simple Tips For A Merry Christmas With Your Dog

Written: December 19, 2012

Learn three simple tips for having a merry christmas with your dog.

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Creative Dog Names

Written: November 23, 2012

A friend sent me this really cool creative dog names compilation graphics.

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Why I Love My Dog Pt. 2

Written: September 9, 2012

Hi there, Meet my dog Chase, she’s the friendliest Border Collie I’ve ever met! In fact, as a puppy they had nicknamed her ‘Kisses’ because she would kiss everyone that she met. (She still does [...]

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Why I Love My Dog Pt. 1

Written: September 8, 2012

Despite the numerous challenges that I’ve experienced with my dog, our relationship has grown leaps and bounds over the years and continues to grow! Story…

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